Type of Help Needed

The Cruellest Earth project is moving towards completion and help is required to get me over the line.  The project has been almost entirely self-funded to this point.  The more quickly I can accumulate the remaining funds, the more quickly I will be able to complete the project.

Goat Trader, Karakorum Range, Northern Pakistan, 2015

Goat Trader, Karakorum Range, Northern Pakistan, 2015

This is and has been a massive project.  The safety and logistical issues for every single shoot are huge and all my waking hours are focused on this project.

A huge amount of my time is focused on identifying and mitigating risk.  For example, in preparation for my Pakistan work in 2015, I spent months gaining roping skills to enable me to work among some of the world's highest mountains.  In 2016, I undertook Hostile Environment Survival training to help me work in some of the world's more difficult environments.

The rest of my time is focused on ensuring that the end result of this work is seen by as many people around the world as possible.

I'm seeking people willing to make:

  • A financial contribution to the project;

  • In-kind contributions, whether through sponsorship or otherwise, for expenses such as airfares, accommodation and equipment; and/or

  • Referrals to people that might be able to assist with the project.


What You Can Do

Make a Small Donation

All donations are gratefully accepted.  Donations of US$200 or more will receive a free signed copy of the book when it is released.

Make a larger donation

Please contact me by filling out the form below.

Make In-Kind Contribution

Please contact me by filling out the form below.

Examples of in-kind contributions include airfares, accommodation, personal security, insurance, photographic gear, clothing and footwear and all the other costs that contribute toward the costs of pulling these trips together.

Refer Me to Someone that Might be Able to Assist

It may be that you know people that might be able to help.  People that can help me with introductions into the best art galleries in the world.  Or introductions to documentary makers with contacts into the major cable channels around the world.  Or people able to assist with the highest quality paper for the printing of my book and exhibition works spinning out of the project.

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How Your Contributions are Used

This project is expensive and has been almost entirely self-funded to this point.  Any contributions that assist me to take the project through to completion are greatly appreciated.

Financial and in-kind contributions go a considerable way to defraying the costs of airfares and accommodation and translators and fixers and security and hire vehicles and taxis and permits and day to day living expenses plus all the other items that make up the costs of putting these trips together: often, including reconnaissance visits ahead of the main trip.

There are also some more unusual expenses such as attending hostile environment training survival courses and learning to rope on the sides of 500 metre cliffs among the highest mountains in the world.