In 2010 I embarked on a unique project to photographically document the lives of this planet’s 30 million men, women and children mining by hand.

It is a project that has taken me to some of the world’s most dangerous, remote and spectacular locations.  

And it has tested every element of my mental, physical and spiritual being just to stay alive, let-alone execute an immensely complex major project.

But nothing worth giving in life is easy and a big part of my DNA is making a contribution.  Doing what feels worthwhile.

I’ve termed this project “Our Cruellest Earth: Man’s Quest for a Better Life”.  Because ultimately we can all learning something from these miners.  We are all miners at heart.

Man’s Quest for a Better Life: Motivational Lessons from the World’s Most Dangerous Mines

The life lessons I have gained from working in some of the world’s most dangerous and remote environments have been immense.

Set against a backdrop of spectacular imagery, and drawn from my life working this project, I hope to challenge us all to push the limits of the possible by:

1.     Showing us how to deconstruct fear and risk;

2.     Helping us to realise that we are capable of far more than we imagine;

3.     Embracing the mindset that every problem has multiple solutions;

4.     Using pressure to sharpen the mind; and,

5.     Daring us to tackle the impossible.